Fashion is a Passion. You don’t choose or opt for it, it just happens.
That’s exactly the case with me.
I, Nivedita Vashishtha, welcome you to my blog “ELANVIBE”.
I come from the beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh and have been putting up in Chandigarh for about 8 years now.
I love to play with fashion and everything that’s trendy. This is what gets me excited, makes me happy and inspires me as well.
ELANVIBE is like a dream allowing my mind to enjoy everything that’s beyond the corridors of joy for me.
The idea behind ELANVIBE is not the usual rule settings dos and don’ts but has something to do with freshness, vibrancy and simply Fashion without constraints and boundaries.
The purpose is to share my views, looks and ideas with all you guys and to be able to reach out to people to help them live and feel beautiful.