“All I am or hope to be, I owe it to my angel MOTHER.” – Abraham Lincoln

You can never understand a Mother’s love until you are one yourself.

My mother is an iron lady for me. She sure is! Two words that come to my mind when I think about my mother are UNCONDITIONAL and SELFLESS.

She is loving, emotional, innocent and strong. She is my pillar, my strength.  I would always salute her for millions of things she has been doing for us. I can’t put in words the feelings I have and how grateful I am to have an angel as my mother in my life.

I want to express my love, respect, and gratitude to my mother and to all the mothers in the world. I would like to state that whatever I am today is because of her. I truly owe my being to her as well. The values she has taught me will remain with me forever.

As our New Miss World ManushiChhillar quoted in her final round answer that the profession which deserves to be paid the highest is Mother. Though one cannot consider motherhood as a profession I still agree to her at her point of describing what mother’s do for their family to be worth more than any other thing that anyone does in their life, ever. She is the most selfless being on earth. The only person from whom you will get the purest form of affection is your mother.

Of course, we understand how important is our Mother is to us. But do we understand the importance of Mother Earth and Mother nature to us as well? Don’t we call them mother as well?

We have been ignoring the fact that we need to take care of Mother Nature and Mother Earth as well which will serve no good to us. Imagine if your mother is unwell, will she be able to take good care of you(not to mention that at any stage she would put all her efforts for her children) , likewise if we don’t take care of our Mother nature Mother and earth , how will it be able to take care of us?

So on this Mother’s day, I pledge to take care of my Mother, my Mother Earth, and Mother Nature as well and request all of you to take this pledge for the betterment to oneself and the world.



MaaTujhe Salaam!







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