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Here today, we’ll be talking about HEELS. Like they say that subconsciously, the first thing a person notices about the other person is their shoes. So do I.

I am such a shoe hoarder that whenever I see good shoes I just go GAGA.  Out of all the footwear, I love heels the most because they add inches to my height as well as they transform any look from casual to dressy. I am sure one can never get enough heels in their wardrobe because let’s just accept the fact that Heels are love. But there a few sorts that you have to have in your wardrobe, after all, they make the foundation of your looks.

So here are five heels that you must own that can literally complete your heeldrobe (By the way I just invented this word “HEELDROBE”, you can tell Google about it).

So here you go:

Classic Black heels

The ultimate heels essential is a classic black heels pair.  One can never go wrong with a black pair of heels. These can be paired up with a zillion styles I can’t even tell you. So there is no way you don’t get yourself one.


Nude Pumps

Nude heels are universal as they can be teamed up with any colored outfit as well as with any style be it jeans, or a dress. They are perfect for a day out and can be worn beautifully on an evening party too.


Transparent Block heels

They are a new trend which has taken over all over all the runways and fashion shows. They look pretty cool too, I must say. So to be with the trendy vibe you must add a transparent heels pair to your closet.


Metallic heels

These heels look so elegant and look the best with traditional attires. Owning on metallic heels pair is a must. They make your feet look so pretty; you can try and see for your own self.


Statement Red heels

Red heels definitely stand out. So if you want to jazz up your look, simply wear red statement heels and you are gonna make shoe contact before eye contact for sure.


I assure you that all of these pairs would be an investment to your shoedrobe.

You can Count on me!

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