“True Elegance for me is the manifestation of an independent mind” – Isabella Rossellini

Just felt like sharing one of my most loved quotes about Elegance at the start of my blog today. I love reading great quotes and then correlating them with something or the other in my life. It’s one of my things. Do you do that too?

Anyway, how are your days going my loves?  Hotter? Of course!

Trust me, it’s becoming harder day by day to go out and shoot in this hot weather. So was this shoot. It was so hot that we would barely click 2 shots and my face would be all covered with sweat. However, if you have the passion for something, heat or cold doesn’t really matter and so we still managed to get some good shots somehow. Thanks to the photographer!

A black dress is a wardrobe essential and if it’s a black lace dress then it’s a CLASSIC wardrobe essential.

To all the girls reading this right now, if you don’t have a black dress, just go and get one right away. You can rock in a black dress at any time, any day. Mark my words!

So here for this look, I wore an off-shoulder black lace skater dress with long bell sleeves from with red high platform heels that I got years back from Chief 17(Chandigarh). I wore a basic black choker on my neck for the accessory.

Red lipstick did all the wonders and black kohl and eyeliner by Maybelline gave the perfect definition to my eyes. I did some loose curls for my hair which completed this fierce yet elegant look.

I love how one can never go wrong with a black dress and red heels for any occasion.

I hope you like this look as much as I enjoyed carrying this.

I will soon be back with yet another look and post.

Until then, Keep Rocking!

Sending #GOODVIBES to Y’all!

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  1. I have for some time been a regular visitor to your page and guess what I have found – a revelation. It’s about you. You are one day going to be a Magnum Opus. I mean the displaying of your true colors staining them in the beautiful ink of art, style, fashion and glamour. You are slowly evolving into a catalyst and once you are there you will change the meaning of the Vogue.

    Dressing up so sincerely with a pair of platform heels matching the rhythm that you have become is marvelously sensational. I am more apprehensive about those eyes that speak volumes. And in all your attributes and page contributions, they speak fearlessly and open.

    God bless eDita.

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