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“The Most Beautiful thing you can wear is Confidence. “ – Blake Lively

Hey Fellas! Hope all of you are having a great weekend there.

I have recently been receiving a lot of messages from girls of how they don’t feel as confident about themselves and how they feel bad about their imperfections which made me write this blog sharing 8 tips which may help some of you overcome those negative thoughts about yourself and may help you feel confident. So, here you Go :

 Don’t let others change your opinion about yourself

There is always gonna be those people who will always find flaws in you and will hate you for no reason at all but that should never affect your own beliefs about yourself. You are Beautiful. You need to believe that.

You should be your number one Priority

Love yourself first. You should take care of others as well but you need to take care of yourself first.

Don’t Fit in, Stand Out.

You certainly don’t have to follow the patterns of people around you. You don’t have to do the things just because everyone else is doing it and you wanna fit in. NO! You are a unique person and you need to STAND OUT! Do what your heart wants. Know your own calling and follow that.

Stop comparing yourself to others

We all are different from each other and are unique in our own way. Whatever we see on social media is just a part of someone’s life and not their whole life. Nobody’s life is perfect.

Distant yourself from negative people.

When you’re around those people who will always speak negative about people and situations, they suck in your positivity and make you feel drained. So you need to distance yourself from such fellows and be around people who make you feel positive.

Never settle for your Self-Respect

Your Self-respect should be everything. If you are settling for your self-respect in any situation, trust me it is going to take away your confidence and will make you feel small about yourself. So never do that.

Be happy by Yourself

You don’t have to be with someone to be happy. You are the only person who is gonna be with you every single second of your life, you must learn to enjoy your own company,

 Be the Boss of your Life.

Don’t let anyone have a hold on your life. Be open to suggestion but in the end every single decision, be it small or big, has to be taken by you and not anyone else.

Hope you find this helpful!

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  1. Your 8 tips are really amazingly useful in every stage of life to girls and boys both. Everyone wants improvement in life but confuse because they don’t know what’s missing . These points gives easy ideas to make life better and to live happy. Thanks dear and best regards for you 😊😊

  2. Very beautiful article asking women to rise from their unconscious thoughts. Most women don’t understand their real worth. Look at a woman from a man’s eye, there is much more to her, much more reflection and much more to make the world be fond of. Yet the cages that we have been living in have alienated us all alike from the world of thought. Women need to realize their power and believe me, they better know how to conquer.

    Self confidence is an important factor. And I appreciate good people like you are pushing it across to masses to learn, comprehend and crusade.

  3. Hello the upcoming Super blogger ,, u are continuously amazing me and many other people with ur blogs ,, BOSSBABE
    😊Lv this one specially the shoes

  4. Amazing blog. Thanks on behalf of all the ladies. Women are strong and they need to realize the fact that they are the masters of their own fate. I love how your blog has surfaced this idea in a very subtle way.

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