Have you ever felt molested while hearing these words, ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’?


Holi is a festival of colors and enjoyment. It is widely celebrated in India, Nepal and many other nations having Hindu population. The festival is filled with people getting together and celebrating this festival by coloring each other and having a good meal.

Like there are two sides to a coin, the festival of Holi too has a side which is rarely talked about. The part where the male members of the society feel they can simply exploit the female members and get away with it by saying, Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai.  MOLESTATION with FEMALES have taken place many times in many ways, but at present, this pure and religious celebration has become a medium to execute the rubbish acts towards  females by hiding under several colors.

I do not understand where the humanity is lost. Hiding under the colors, taking holi as an excuse to grope and molest women and then shouting the slogan “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai” is what the festival has become all about! Some men feel they can touch the girls the way they want, and wherever they want. These acts have not been talked about before, not even now.

It feels no less than a rape when a girl is surrounded by 5-6 men rubbing their hands over her body in the name of Holi(such a pure festival made impure). It is indeed the dark side of such a colorful festival.

The festival is made a ridiculous game where men run to fetch the girls and put color on them, they just wait to get a chance to touch them like a material and play as they want. Females have been struggling with such harassment on hold every year. Using the excuse of Holi and doing such things cannot be and will not be tolerated and men should understand that. I feel completely shattered on hearing such things. Holi has become a festival celebrated with the dirty act and not with positivity, love, and victory of good over evil that mark its importance.

This Holi I nominate all my friends to stand with me against such acts by making a post on your social media using #BuraManoHoliHai.







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  1. This is truth….very few people give a deep thought to this thing !! People should have respect for each other on this day !!

  2. The festivals remain a festival only when it is celebrated with a good intent. Any impurity that comes from our mind in the garb of acts like some of us do or have done in the past doesn’t leave a healthy impression of the festival and who is affected the most – a woman. She can be our sister, our mother, our daughter or anybody. Don’t cheat yourself in the name of festival and ill treat our fellow humans. Rise beyond petty lecherous attitudes. Tomorrow it is time for celebration of joy not inflicting wounds.

    Happy Holi.

  3. Nice use of images…. I guess we all agree that nothing undue should be done in name of festival of love… I do admire you for your beauty but that thing inside ur head is beautiful as well…



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