Hottest Sunglasses Trends

Well, well! The scorching summer is finally at our doors. Sunglasses come to our rescue when it becomes so difficult to go out and open our eyes in the bright shining sun.

This year the sunglasses trend has gone to another level and I am so loving the new trends right now.

On the days when you have puffy eyes or you don’t feel like doing your eye makeup, you can simply throw onone of your sunglass pairs and rock the streets.

Today, I am sharing the top 5 latest sunglasses trends that are rocking this year and which if you pull off you can simply slay the way.

Extreme cat eye

After the regular cat eye trend, here we go one step ahead and now extreme cat eye frames have become the new kickass trend giving us the high fashion feels.





Oval frames

Oval/round frameshave been there for 2 years and still are totally in the vogue. This classic trendhas been totally working season after season.





Retro white frames

Everything retro is coming back one after the other, be it bell bottom jeans or retro eyewear. A pair of white retro sunglasses with red lipstick will make you look no less than Marilyn Monroe. It makes your look so dramatic.





Red frames

Red colored frames with their pointy edges and a slightly smaller lens look just so flattering. Fashion divas including the BFF’s Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been seen rocking red-framed sunglasses.



Tiny rectangular

The tinier, the better! These super tiny rectangular frames that barely cover our eyes have been all over the internet this year. These are the kind that makes you look so bossy and sharp. At the same time, these sorts of frames givea very vintage vibe to your style.



So what are you waiting for? Go and hop on these oh so trendy sunglasses and push your styles to the limits.



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