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Hello  Guys,

How are you all?

I have been keeping very  busy these days at work so that’s the reason that I am not able to take out time for blogging. But, I promise that once I am free, I will again continue to keep you guys updated with my latest feed.

Friendship’s Day has just passed, and I have enjoyed that day to the fullest with my friends. I would also like to mention that I have also watched the latest short film, Hi(gh) by Digital Series. I am completely awestruck watching the film and looking at the performances of each and every character, I must say that they have really put in their heart and soul. Looking at the film, I  bet nobody can say that this is Digital Series First Short Film. The concept , the direction, the casting and the story along with screenplay is so perfect. The best part of the film is that you need to watch it at least twice so as to understand the message it wants to put it across.

I must appreciate these guys to have chosen such a sensitive subject and make a film out of it. Though the issue has been raised before, but the concept is very fresh along with power packed performances.

According to me,I personally like all the characters of the film , but Arjun has been my favourite. His character as a drug addict is something to watch out for. The film is of 7 minutes,but it stays in your  mind for long.

I want each one of you to go and watch Hi(gh) and share your feedback and reviews on the same. Click on the link below to watch it now.

Until then Goodbye and have a happy weekend. Do comment about your experience watching the film and yes ,how you spent your day on Friendships Day.



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