One of a Kind Experience at Bloggers Meet

I wanted to get into blogging since long but did not know the basic fundamentals of doing it. So Instead I started posting on my social media accounts, in spite of knowing the imperativeness of having one’s own web blog. The paucity of time made it even harder to figure out about the technicalities. As a result my posts were also not able to fetch much engagement.

One day, it dawned upon me that I am a BLOGGER, and not a Website Developer nor a Digital Marketer. So I decided to get in touch with an agency who would work help me grow my brand. That’s when I was told about DIGITAL SERIES by one of my friends. They then crafted (because it is not less than a piece of Art) and launched for me.

Digital Series is an ISO certified Digital Marketing Agency and Academy catering in all verticals of Digital marketing and Photography.

Things escalated favourably and I was invited on the very first Bloggers Meet of Digital Series at their office on the day of their official launch.

The place caught my attention the moment I stepped in. It was nothing like a typical corporate office. The workspace has a beautiful black and yellow colour scheme, full of creative wall arts. The whole ambience is just so vibrant. But the highlight of the workspace has to be the ‘Buddha Wall Art’ which gives you immense positivity. The saying on another wall art that remains stuck in my head is,” STOP SAYING TOMORROW”.

The event began with an interactive session with the Digital Series Team. The information imparted in the session was so enriching that by the end I was amazed at the number of new things I learnt in just 2 hours time. I as a blogger wasn’t quite aware of many significant things about the blogging business which I learnt that day. We were told about some minute mistakes that many bloggers tend to make. We were given tips on how to make our Blogging game stronger. The event concluded with some fun activities.

I thank you Digital Series Team for having me at the meet. It was really a one of a kind experience.
I literally can’t wait to attend the 2nd Bloggers Meet on 14th October @digitalseries once again. For those of who have missed the previous one, trust me it is an opportunity to avail.

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  1. ….Quite impressive.I really like your blogs Nivedita Vashishtha.Reading your blogs really fills me up with “Elan Vibes”. Way to go girl.
    Best Wishes.😍😍🤗☺

  2. Very well versed Nivedita
    Your writing style is so genuine and real
    I feel so connected
    I ‘ve been reading your blogs from quite some time and trust me I feel so connected
    Also in every picture you are the shining amongst all
    Your new blogs are always awaited

  3. all your blogs are very impressive
    specially this one
    feels like it was a great event
    you look very beautiful too
    blue suits you alot

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