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For a woman, bags are something which she is going to take along everywhere she goes.  With every season new, exciting and innovative trends show up and I feel, to stay updated with the new bag trend is a must for all the fashion lovers.

So here I am rounding up the top 5 bag trends that got my attention in 2018. You can add any of the trends you like to your wardrobe and it will add an edge to your look.

Box Bag

This box bag trend is top amongst my favorite trends this season. These tiny trunks like bags look so classy. The best part about these bags is that they fit for every place and every occasion. You can throw them on to a party or even carry one in your office.


Basket bag

Basket bags, however cannot really carry a lot of stuff in them, but goes so well with a bohemian look or can also be paired with a jeans and a Tee kinda look.


Belt Bag

These super functional belt/waist bags are so cool, you can easily wear them through the loops of your denim or strap them over a dress or a coat and it will make the look so effortless.

Transparent Bags

Transparent bags have become a new hype these days. Paired with any outfit, they definitely make a statement. Though I really find these bags so funny because how funny it would be to see through all that I am carrying in my bag and that is why one cannot put anything they want to in a transparent bag. But nevertheless, this trend is still one amongst the top.

Hoop Handle bag

These cute bags with round hoop handles look so arty and vintage to me. Bags with such handles come in various different types and sizes that for sure elevate your look. They are a perfect example of chic office bags.

So these were my picks for the top 5 bags trends for the season. And I would love to know which trend are you loving right now. Do comment about your favorites in the comment section below.

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