Untapped Reservoir of Talent in The World – Women

                         “So kyon Mand Aakhiye Jit Jamme Rajan”

“Why call ‘her’ inferior? From her, the Kings are born.” – Guru Nanak Dev Ji

WOMAN’s DAY 2018 it is! All these years we have been talking about empowerment and bringing about a change. But I’d like to know if  you actually see the change?

Women always struggled a lot and have come a long way in the past several decades. There was a time when women were not considered to work, but the time has changed now. Since the women have begun to work, the gender equality seems to improve. People are encouraging this part of the society to grow and develop, but still, the struggle for women to manage their personal and professional life goes on.

It’s an ideology every person adapts that women are the one who are supposed to handle the home chores. Even after living in this upgraded world and getting educated people carry this mindset and burden the females with every response. They are expected to be a perfect keeper of the household, a doting wife, and a  nurturing mother. If a woman earns more than a man still instead of getting respected or appreciated, she is criticized for that too, as men take this as a shame for themselves.

I have seen many families where if a man comes back from home, he is tired and needs rest, whereas when a woman comes back home her tiredness is not seen at all and it ends up thinking that it is her work only.

Leaving the personal life, even in the professional life, a women’s hard work and efforts are not noticed as compared to the man’s. We often say behind every successful woman there is a hand of a woman, but it is never truly taken into account. Men reaching a higher position of success at a young age are said to have hard work and efforts done to achieve it. At the same time when women achieve something at a young age, she is doubted and her character is pointed, as if she has done something wrong to get to that point of success. It becomes a taboo that society never stops to take it negatively.

I completely feel that the world is heading in a negative way where people are just showing that women are respected and supported. But in reality, people are still dominating women by their words, their thoughts, and their actions. People are still failing to understand that the key to development is the empowerment of women!

So don’t just talk about empowerment, do something to bring a change!



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