What’s in my Bucket List for 2018

Well, well! New Year it is!

I hope everyone’s New Year has started with a Bang!

You will be surprised to know that I am not a person who makes New Year Resolutions every year. Rather I had always set monthly/weekly goals. But this year I have a lot in my mind already. 2018 is going to be a blast. Do you feel that too?

I still won’t go with the typical resolution taking process, rather I have made a Bucket List for the year. I didn’t just want to write these on my planner and not do them. So I am sharing my list with you guys so that you can remind me if I miss out on any of them.

Learn to Drive: Yes, I do not know how to drive and by the end of this year I see myself driving to the hills all by myself.

Be Organized: In 2017, I messed up a lot of things just because I wasn’t as organized as I should have been. So this year, I will try to be well organized with my things, plans and everything.

Travel: Working in a corporate away from your hometown does not allow you to travel much. As whenever I have holidays, I rush back to my hometown to see my family. So because of a lot of family engagements, 2017 went off with no travelling at all. But this year I am definitely going to travel to at least 3 places outside my state.

Work Out: This year without a fail, I am gonna try and take out at least half an hour to workout 5 days a week.

Eat Healthy: I have been eating a lot of Junk lately which is obviously not good. I am not saying I am gonna leave it because I believe in balance. We’ve got one life and you gotta keep your taste buds happy as well but I need to add more healthy meals in my diet.

Learn to Play An Instrument: Now that’s something I really want to do. Since I love to sing and one of my closest fellow gifted me a guitar a year back so that I can play and sing but, I being so lazy haven’t yet managed to learn to play it. This year I promise to myself that I am going to put this beautiful gift to worth.

Start my YouTube Channel: It’s a digital world and what platform can be better than YouTube. I am getting ready for it and will launch my YouTube channel this year for sure.

Read: Cliche! But I have always gotten something good and felt more at peace whenever I have read something. Still I haven’t been reading often but this year I am going to read at least 5 books and will share whatever I will learn from that book with you all.

PS : I hope you enjoyed the pictures as well !

Photography credits : Nitin Rai Chaudhary

Dress : Myntra

Lace Up Boots : forever21

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  1. looking beautiful like always ….may ur all desires fulfill …. even i dont make any resolution as i knw humse na hoga😂😂😂😂

  2. really appreciate u r doing fantastic job …u writing skills , u way of thinking & much more ..live with u fantasy & dreams which will help u to exploring u potential

  3. Hi Nivedita.
    First of all you are gorgeous. And Second, I am from Himachal as well. wish you strength to achieve the goals set in above list.😊
    Happy New Year.

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