SAM SAND DUNES | Jaisalmer Solo Travel 1.0


                                                   “ऐ खुदा रेत के समुन्दर को सेहरा कर दे ,

                                                     तुझ को देखा नहीं महसूस किया है मैंने

                                                    आ किसी दिन मिरे एहसास को पैकर कर दे।“

                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to y’all !

Of late I took some time off from everything and traveled a little.

And so I did my first ever solo travel to the Golden City. I was a bit skeptical about the destination and after all the R&D I opted for Jaisalmer; Reasons precisely unknown to me : was it some past life connect to the Desert or the royal vibes of Rajasthan.

I‘ll start this blog with my visit to the most authentic dunes of the THAR Desert in India, “SAM SAND DUNES”.

I took a cab around 3:30pm from Jaisalmer city and drove 45kms towards the west and reached my Campsite around 4:30pm. I relaxed in my Swiss Tent for a while, had some snacks and tea. And then I got ready for the cultural fest along with Bonfire, talking aloud about the rich history of Rajasthan Folk and culture followed by Dinner and D.J. I met some Gujrati tourist families who taught me Garba as well.

Stargazing while lying on the desert is a must as the place is not so populous so because of less pollution the sky is pretty much clear in the nights.

The next morning I started at 6:00 AM with my pre booked beautiful maroon 4×4 Thar jeep for the Desert Safari. Standing at the back of my open SUV I could feel the breeze on my face as pure as the soul of a child. As I reached in the middle of the desert, ‘Mesmerizing’ is the apt word for the view of the beautiful sand castles.

A sunrise in the desert is one of the most majestic spectacles one can ever witness. Its beauty is a powerful force, Capable of imparting its warmth on the most hardened souls. It inspires, it energizes, it renews, and it gives hope.

I witnessed it and let the energy sink in as the sun rose. Got some pictures clicked by my very sweet guide and driver Shambhu whom I am eternally thankful for.

The Dune bashing and Camel Safari experience was incomplete without a photo halt  while playing with the sand and embracing the foot prints on the sand.

As an art lover I know Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the world best work of art but I felt that the most beautiful masterpiece is not stroked on any canvas but the strokes of air making millions of perfect master pieces on the sand.

To be continued….


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  1. Amazing:-Your Beauty..!!
    Astonishing:- Your Attire..!!
    Awesome:- Your Expressions..!!
    Astounding:- Your Shoot Locations..!!
    Appealing:- Your choice of poetry….!!
    Alluring:- Your thoughts..!!
    Admirable:- Content and Entire Blog..!!

    Well Done Nivedita Mam I am biggest fan of yours..!!

  2. Amazing blog Nivedita.As a Family we are proud of you. Everything is so nicely captured in the blog.Plz be more frequent with your blog postings.

    I Must Admire Your Capability of Carving Your Experience So Beautifully in This Blog.

    Stay Blessed…Stay Healthy..!!

  3. Nivedita, You must think of starting some courses for people like us who aspire to get into blogging or for young enthusiast who are very particular about there looks.Your blogs are always so full of freshness and new creativities that I just can’t stop reading it multiple times..!!!
    Really willing to know that are you blessed with this talent or you acquired these traits….

    Lots of Luv..!!

  4. निवेदिता जी

    बहुत समय से मुझे आपके नव प्रकाशन का इंतेज़ारथा।
    मंत्र मुग्ध करने वाली आपकी ये तस्वीरें और दिल को छूने वाले प्रभावशाली लेखन ने मुझेअसीम प्रेरित किया है राजस्थान भ्रमण को।।

    प्रभु आप पर अपनी कृपा बनाये रखे।।

    आपका अपना
    रमा कांत आचार्य

  5. You stepped on to the right path Nivedita. Keep growing, keep learning and keep changing.
    Since your trip to Jaisalmer, your posts are getting much more real. My opinion. I am applausing and getting much more interested into your writing.

  6. I didnt have a chance to visit Rajasthan ever so far but its definitely on my bucket list! And after reading your experience I wanna go even more!

    Fantastic Blog Nivedita.

  7. This post is so amazing! I just want to pack my bag and start to plan my own trip to jaisalmer. I’ve never been to desert before, so this must be a wonderful adventure. And I hope one day it will be true! Thank you for your inspiration Nivedita.

    Keep sharing your thoughts more frequently.

  8. Hi Nivedita!
    So glad you enjoyed your time in Jaisalmer. I lived there for 12 years and loved it dearly. You should definitely return and spend some time here, and even go to Indo Pak Border.

    I am personally obliged to you for portraying our town so beautiful.i would speak to rajasthan tourism authorities to get in touch with you.

    You’re right. JAISALMER is Golden City.

  9. Hey Girl

    I just loved your pic with Camel staring you back with his neck twisted 360°, I think this camel had also fallen in love with your simplicity and serenity.You are beauty blessed with brain.Truly in Love with your blog.keep on posting I will be eagerly awaiting your parte.

  10. Awesome post! We’ve looked at going to Jaisalmer a few times, but the timing or prices were just never right. It’s definitely a place we want to get to, Glad to hear such positive things about it! Thanks a lot, Nivedita Ji.Plz keep on sharing your travel plans I would like to follow your footsteps.

  11. Nivedita you are just amazing with your thoughts and expressions. I appreciate your courage to go on your first solo travel to Jaisalmer a town that is far flung and desert seems to be spreaded like for miles.My best wishes are there with you for your future. All The Best.

  12. How can you describe your feelings so artistically “As an art lover I know Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the world best work of art but I felt that the most beautiful masterpiece is not stroked on any canvas but the strokes of air making millions of perfect master pieces on the sand.”

    OH MY GOD. Mind Blowing You Are……

  13. You look so pretty Nabbu ..i always repeat these words that you are the prettiest girl I have ever met till now…. Your beauty and charm always surprised me…. I love you girl keep it up ND be positive ND happy. Lots of love and all the very best for your future posts… Keep posting your beauty 😘😘😍😍🤗🤗

  14. Elegant !! Black colour is sentimentally bad but your personality turns it into so good that it seems like everyone is getting peace !! Keep posting your blogs and all your blogs till date is so glamorous and culturati !! 😊😇

  15. Hey beautiful…. Really beautiful you are… I wish day by day ur adorability may increase by the grace of god… Proud of u nabu… May you reach at the pinnacle of success… Stay blessed… Lots of love n hugs…😘😘😘😗😘

  16. Well well well!! Good to see you back blogger! Apart from your jaislmer ,s tenthouse stay ,garba experience which surely would hav been a great altogether!! Description of perfect masterpieces made by air strokes on the sand dunes!!.. this very comparison itself dipicts how deeply delighted you wre during this excavation !! Good going !! (Y)

  17. Its always a pleasure whenever i go through your blogs..great ideas..awesome go girl …waiting for many more amazing ideas

  18. Beautiful places and you also look like a princess. Wish you a good luck in traveling blog series. Great way to start a new year. May this year brings all the success to you.

  19. I really like the way you captured all the minor details and yet gave it the personalised touch to the article. You captured the real essence of traveling to this beautiful place, Good job!

  20. Dear Nivedita,

    Your words have infused my heart with the freshness and realizations of your travel! I too plan to explore the place very soon.
    What a beautiful read!
    I’m soo looking forward to your future travels. Please do keep sharing your insightful journeys with us always! 🙂 Love!

  21. Exploration of the inner craving is often worth an experience. And the way you have taken to this post is truly mesmerizing. Kudos!

  22. Rajasthan feels blessed with the mesmerizing presence of such a noble soul. The mystic beauty of nature personified in the pictures taken.

  23. Wowww Very Nice Post and beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Now I am also thinking to visit this beautiful place for once.

  24. Hey pretty! congratulations..awesome blog. Really amazed by the way you carry yourself. Simply elegant. Keep going. Looking forward 🙂

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